• Decadal experienced academic facilities

  • Outstanding performance of NIMST-Graduate

  • Easily accessible location

  • Quality education for better professional future

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► SLC pass both boys & girls 
► Must pass entrance exam of CTEVT 
► Enrollment will be based on merit list 
Clinical Exposure 
► Global Hospital, Gwarko 
► Eir Hospital, Mahabauddha 
► Himal Hospital, Gnyaweshwor 
► Other different central level Hospitals 
► Different Health Post & PHC under Nepal Goreverment 
► Higher study opportunity for BMIT, BPH, MBBS* & other Bachelor Level Courses
► Employment as Radiographer 
► Higher chance of job opportunity in Non Govermental Hospitals
► Abroad study opportunity 
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Mission: To create a conducive learning environment.

Vision: To provide quality education to make NIMST as ultimate benchmark on health science.

Objectives: To enhance human resources in healthy HRH by producing qualified, skilled competent manpower


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